3 Commonly Overlooked Signs of Springtime Mold

3 Commonly Overlooked Signs of Springtime Mold

3 Signs That Spring Mold Is Threatening Your Home

Spring is a special time in the Hudson Valley. While flowers begin to bloom, leaves begin to bud, and the weather starts to get warmer, many people are focused on outdoor projects and planning family vacations. While these things are exciting, it’s also important to consider the hazards that can come with the season. As snow and ice melt and rain begins to fall, there is an increase of damp air and a higher chance of moisture getting into dark spaces. When this happens, mold can easily grow. Watch for these signs that you may have mold growing inside your home. 

1.  Musty Odor

One of the biggest signs that mold has made it into your home is a musty smell coming from the area. This smell is similar to how a towel might smell if you forget to hang it up after you use it. If you notice this smell anywhere in your home, including your basement, you likely have mold growth.

2. Increased Allergy or Asthma Symptoms

While it is normal for seasonal allergies to worsen as the trees and flowers bud, increased symptoms can also indicate that mold growth has made it inside your house. If you notice that your symptoms are worse than normal, or if you have them for longer than usual, mold may be the culprit. 

3. Mold Spots

If you can see spots on your walls, ceiling, or floors, it is important to call a mold expert right away. Visible mold growth is a sign that the problem is fairly extensive and could be affecting your family’s long-term health. 

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Mold is a serious threat to your family’s health and safety. As the weather gets more and more damp, be sure to be on the lookout for signs of mold. If you find a mold problem in your home, or if you wish to have an expert take a look, contact us today to make an appointment.