3 Easy Ways to Add Curb Appeal on a Budget

3 Easy Ways to Add Curb Appeal on a Budget

When beginning any renovation project, it can be daunting seeing the costs of all the supplies and tools necessary for making your home reno dreams come true. However, there are many simple, cost-effective ways to make an impact on a tight budget. Curb appeal is important not only because you look at your house every day, but when selling your home, prospective home buyers normally judge a book by its cover. Creating a charming exterior can elevate your home’s value and make a large difference when put on the housing market. Some of these cost-effective renovations include:

Paint the Front Door

Most cans of paint will cost you around 30 dollars a gallon. Painting an old, beat-up door can brighten your outdoor space and create a more inviting feeling. The first things guests see are your front porch and front door. Making that space feel welcoming and comfortable is exactly what home buyers are looking for. Whether it’s a bright orange or lime green, painting your door with a fresh coat of paint is sure to make your curb appeal more interesting.

Install Flower Boxes

Installing flower boxes can immediately add a charming, cottage feeling to your home. Fill the boxes with vibrant blooms like lady’s mantle, fragrant lavender, and bee balm for your guests to smell before they walk into your home. Flower boxes can be easily constructed out of scraps but also can be purchased inexpensively. It is a cost-effective way of making a beautiful impact and adding whimsical charm to your home.

Replace Exterior Lighting

Replacing old, worn-down exterior lighting provides an opportunity to replace them with more modern, trendy light fixtures. Try adding a copper farmhouse light right above your entry door, making your entryway feel historic and traditional.

There are many ways to slowly re-model your home on a budget. Although some jobs require more of an investment, if you’re looking for economical one-day home projects, try out these simple tricks. For any other renovation work, contact Peak Construction for all your remodeling needs.