6 Tips To Get A Head Start With Winter Weather Home Preparation

6 Tips To Get A Head Start With Winter Weather Home Preparation

With each passing day the brilliant shades of yellow and orange will soon be gone and we will be in the middle of winter. Preparations for the colder months advancing at a steady pace, it is now time to turn your attention toward your house. Is your house ready for the winter season? Every season your house goes through a series of temperature changes, weather conditions, aging, human abuse, etc. in order to keep it running in the best possible condition and to avoid costly repairs, it is vital to prepare your house separately for each with no exception.

1. Check the roof, the gutters and downspouts for fallen leaves, dirt, twigs, and any debris before the snowfall begins. Clean them and check again to ensure there is no chance of water clogging anywhere. Accumulated water can freeze to form ice dams, which can lead to water seeping inside the house. Give your chimney and any opening on the roof a thorough once-over to ensure there are no misaligned pipes or leakage problems.

2. Check the basement and attic of your home to make sure that mold is not growing anywhere due to excessive dampness. If the damage has already started, get in touch with a mold remediation expert immediately.

3. Crank up the heating system now and check if everything is working properly. It would be wise to have it checked by an authorized service provider. Clean the fireplace and replace the batteries of your smoke alarm. Hire a professional for a chimney sweep if needed.

4. Insulate the exposed pipes, faucets to keep them from freezing. Seal the basement doors, windows and crawl space openings to keep the pipes from freezing due to cold and wind, in case you live in areas of extreme weather conditions.

5. Check the plumbing system and know the position of the main water valve. This will help you if you happen to have a plumbing emergency during the winter months.

6. Every time you leave or enter the house, be sure that the garage doors are properly closed. Frozen pipes as well as damaged cars are some of the problems that result from the carelessly closed garage doors.

In case you are thinking winter is still a long way away, check the weather channel and you will see what’s coming soon. Be wise and get a jump-start on your winter home preparation now. Your home and wallet will be thankful.

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