Add Value through Garages, Barns & Carriage Houses

For homeowners looking to invest in their property, building or upgrading a barn, garage or carriage house can be a smart choice – adding function, character and value. These buildings should be blended seamlessly with the architecture and style of your home. At Peak Construction we accomplish this by carefully integrating the shapes and proportions […]

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Fire Restoration

Location: Mahopac, NY Date: 2009 A retired couple in Mahopac had a fire in their home.  We replaced the damaged framing and structure inside the middle of the house. The State Farm insurance policy paid for a trailer for the couple in their backyard, so they had somewhere nearby to stay during the renovation. Thanks […]

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New Old Barn

The New Old Barn project shows how modern energy-efficient building methods can be combined with the sustainable practice of reusing historic timber frames instead of cutting new wood.  We managed all phases of this project, from clearing the lot and building the foundation to installing the necessary drainage and septic systems.  The house combines historic, […]

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