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Prevent Spring Water Damage With These Tips from Peak Construction
How to Prevent Water Damage in the Summer

It’s almost summer in New York, and the flowers have bloomed, and we are we are experiencing more than normal rain showers. Make sure all of the precipitation doesn’t cause property damage. If it does, don’t panic – Peak Construction is here to help. Clean Your Gutters Your gutter system is the main factor in […]

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Mold Awareness | Peak Construction
12 Facts About Mold You Might Want To Know

September is “National Indoor Toxic Mold Awareness Month”, established by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The goal of Mold Awareness Month is to educate home and business owners about the adverse economic and health-related effects of indoor molds and toxins. Often, mold problems can stem from water damage, and just compound a home […]

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Protecting Your Hudson Valley Home from Ice Dams
Ice Dams: Protect Your Hudson Valley Home

An ice dam might sound like something that works to protect your home from ice, but actually, an ice dam can cause severe damage to your home. It makes sense to prevent them from occurring. You may notice that icicles are hanging off your home, and it might be hiding a damaging problem: an ice […]

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