Designer Addition

Designer Addition

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In February of last year, Peak Construction received a call from a homeowner in New Windsor looking to have an addition built on his single level home. The addition was to act as a separate living space for his mother who would be moving in. He knew what he needed, but was not sure just what he wanted. Luckily for him, he came to Peak.

One of our lead estimators, Chris Riehle, worked closely with the homeowner on a design-build, creating a design that satisfied their needs while working on a budget. A design-build is more beneficial for the client in terms of time and cost than the traditional method of hiring an architect and a contractor separately. A design-build allows the homeowner to deal with only one entity as opposed to playing middleman between the two; therefore the accountability rests on the contractor.


In order to make room for the addition, the entire backyard had to be re-graded. Eight trees were also removed from the surrounding landscape. By the end of the job, the homeowner’s mother had her own living space and then some. The addition consists of a living room, full bath, master bedroom, laundry room, and a dining room for family dinners, complete with a fire place. Design-build’s give our contractors the opportunity to get a little more creative on our projects. So give us a call, and let us draw something up for you.