Four Things to Consider Before Building a Deck

Four Things to Consider Before Building a Deck

Now that the weather has turned more pleasant, people all over the state of New York are spending more time outside. Perhaps the perfect place to spend a warm weekend afternoon is on your very own deck – if your home does not currently have a deck, spring can be the perfect time to build one. Before you begin inviting friends over for barbecues, however, it’s time to consider a few important factors:

  • What do you plan to do on your deck?

    Decks of any size can add function and beauty to your yard. However, it’s important to consider what you plan to do with your deck. Do you plan to build an outdoor kitchen? Will you require seating for large groups of people regularly? Even if you’re unsure at this point, it’s better to plan ahead for amenities you may want to add later, than to wish you’d have left room for that hot tub a few years down the road.

  • How much space do you have?

    Is it possible to achieve the size you want with the space you have available? It can be helpful to use markers to map out your planned deck space, to get a better idea of the size your yard can handle.

  • What legal requirements are in place?

    Local codes can affect many aspects of your deck. It’s much better to see if your ideal plans fit with local ordinances before your project gets started rather than after. In addition, if you live in a neighborhood with a homeowners association, additional size and aesthetic regulations may be in place.

  • How will the elements affect your deck?

    After you’ve determined that your ideal deck is a good fit for your property, take a few minutes and determine whether your deck will exist primarily in the sun or shade. Also consider whether your yard is susceptible to flooding or excess moisture, and any other concerns.

All of these factors will help you determine how to move forward with your deck. Once you have a general idea, speak with a professional contractor to begin addressing the details.