Garage Builders in Peekskill NY

When it comes to boosting equity and making your home stand out in the neighborhood, a new garage can make all the difference. The benefits of doing so range from gaining extra storage to having a dedicated space to park and protect your vehicles, as well as providing a workspace for personal and professional projects.

Let us help you make a great garage
Here at Peak Construction, our crew has designed and built thousands of residential and commercial Peekskill garages. Being the specialty contractor that we are, our firm has the skills, gear, and technical know-how needed to make your dream garage become a reality.

Locally owned and operated, we treat each of our customers with the respect they deserve, which means remembering their specific requests and answering any and all questions they might have regarding the construction process.

So, you know you want a new garage, but you are not sure what type to build. No problem! Peak has put together a brief list of some of the more popular models we have constructed over the years, all of which have their distinct advantages.

Peekskill garage building 101

  • Single – as the name suggests, these garages are built to reasonably accommodate one vehicle, while still leaving enough room to store lawn/garden tools, boxes, and other items. If you want to have a separate workspace and entertainment area, this is probably not the best option. Single garages are used primarily for functionality.
  • Double – the go-to choice for most families, these garages provide not one, but two dedicated spaces for vehicle parking. The width of the building itself is roughly twice that of its single counterpart.
  • Triples and tandems – since garage building in Peekskill is bound only by one’s imagination (and budget), you are always free to add additional space and doors for storage purposes. Tandem garages are unique in that they feature dual openings on each end of the building, allowing for more accessible entry.

The sky is the limit for your garage construction plans; just make sure to hire the right builder. Licensed, insured, and exceptionally experienced, it is no wonder more and more Peekskill residents are turning to Peak for their new garage needs. We can be conveniently reached via phone or email.