Excavation Portfolio
Poughkeepsie Drainage

Location: Poughkeepsie, NY
Description: drainage & regrading.

Garrison Site Work & Septic

Location: Garrison, NY

Description: Worked with Putnam County BOH engineer to replace a failed septic system.  Came up with a design to import ROB gravel fill pad and install new septic system in a fill pad.

Sam's Fishkill

Location: Fishkill, NY

Description: Upgraded underground utilities, removed battery and tire storage and replaced, new curbs, water mains, fire hydrants, light pole bases, sidewalks, grease trap and other buried utilities, prepared for new blacktop, storm drains, etc. 

Kent Excavation

Location: Kent, NY

Description: Cleared the lot, blasted for the driveway and foundation, installed 1000’ driveway with bridge, excavated for new house, new site so new well and septic, septic required fill pad.

Brewster Excavation

Location: Brewster, NY

Carmel Site Work

Location: Carmel, NY

Description: Curtain drain, basins, and some stone wall work.

Wappingers Falls Site Work

Location: Wappingers Falls, NY

Hopewell Junction Drainage

Location: Hopewell Junction, NY

Beacon Condo's

Location: Beacon, NY
Description: Replacement of failing foundation. Drainage and site work. Replacement of 44 decks. Replacement of cedar board and batten siding.

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