Green Construction Portfolio
Milan Hydro Electric Plant

Location: Milan, NY
Description: Hydro electric plant powered off a pipe from a pond.

Ancram Green Addition & Remodel

Location: Ancram, NY
Description: Addition and remodel where we installed 2" thick rigid insulation over the exterior of the existing house, installed new construction windows, to not only increase R-Value of the walls an additional R-18 but added an uninterrupted thermal barrier which performs much better than a conventional modern wall assembly that meets todays energy code.

Rhinebeck Studio

Location: Rhinebeck, NY

Description: Cleared site for new studio.  New foundation, septic, pump station for septic.  Old dismantled barn frame set on new foundation, added reinforcing structural steel, SIP's exterior walls and roof over T&G pine. 

New Paltz Roof

Location: New Paltz, NY

Newburgh Attic

Location: Newburgh, NY

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