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Fishkill, NY Tree Strike Restoration

A tree came through the house and lifted the roof off, demolished the back deck, hot tub, shattered the windows and doors. Peak Construction arrived to assess the damage, board and tarp and ongoing renovations. Fishkill, NY

Tornado Tree Strike - Wappinger Falls

May tornado large tree strike we have underway in Wappingers.  Huge tree cracked the side of roof and siding on home.  We are currently underway re-framing damaged exterior wall, roof, etc.  Roofing, siding and interior finishes to follow

Tornado Repair | Peak Construction

Fishkill Tree Strike _ Insurance Restoration

The tree was removed. And our guys have been out there, in the pouring rain, to temp frame openings to tarp and protect the remainder of the house. A huge shoutout, to our team!!

Progression on storm damage in Fishkill, NY

Fire - Goshen, NY

Goshen, NY Fire and Smoke Damage on Roof and Siding. We completed pack out, tarp up, build back renovations.

Pawling Fire

Location: Pawling, NY

Fishkill Fire

Location: Fishkill, NY

Description: Fire during a blizzard and fire trucks were unable to respond in time to save the home.  Started in the fireplace area.  Peak was hired to first write the estimate to rebuild and then to negotiate with the adjuster from the insurance company, then rebuild the home.

South Salem Frozen Pipes

Location: South Salem, NY

Ice Dam - Fishkill

Ice damming on exterior caused water damage to drywall, trim, carpeting and continuous hardwood floors in Fishkill, NY

Campbell Hall, NY - Remediation Before & After

Peak Construction shares before remediation and after removal/replacement photos with new drywall in Campbell Hall, NY.

Millerton Fire

Location: Millerton, NY
Description: Three bedroom, one bath home that burned. Rebuilt but since it was directly on a lake it had to remain the exact same size. Changed the floor plan to a modern layout.

Somers Hot Water Heater Leak

Location: Somers, NY

Description: Mitigation crew was dispatched immediately after receiving claim Saturday night. We found that a leak in hot water heater in bedroom basement caused water to flow onto bedroom, closet and crawlspace. This caused laminate floors to buckle. We removed laminate from majority of bedroom, closet, and extracted water from crawlspace. We sprayed anti microbial on affected area and set up air movers and dehumidifier.

Nanuet Mitigation

Location: Nanuet, NY

Description: Leak in the hot water heater of the lower level of split level home caused water to flow out into the laundry room, bathroom, living room, bedroom, hallway and garage. The homeowner's were out of town for roughly 3 days, so it appears the water may have run for that long. We removed the buckled laminate flooring in living room and bedroom, cut out some affected drywall and baseboard and set up drying equipment.

Poughkeepsie Mitigation

Location: Poughkeepsie, NY

Description: Board up & emergency mitigation. Cut out damaged sheetrock and dried. Failing Yankee Gutter caused the damage; roof was also redone.

Poughkeepsie - Mitigation

Location: Poughkeepsie, NY

Description: Burst pipe in baseboard heating line caused damage in bedroom and hallway of 2nd floor and came through ceiling of basement. Cut out damaged flooring and sheetrock and dried.

Highland Mills Hot Water Heater Leak

Location: Highland Mills, NY

Description: Hot water heater leaked, had to dry out around mechanicals, tore out small amount of drywall and flooring in order to dry completely.

Pound Ridge Mitigation

Location: Pound Ridge, NY

Description: Hot water heater leaked. Slightly released hot water heater jacket and dried out jacket insulation to save the water heater. Also had to take out central air, damaged sheetrock and insulation in order to completely dry out.

Valley Cottage Mitigation

Location: Valley Cottage, NY

Description: Emergency mitigation. Set up air movers and dehumidifiers to extract standing water. Rescue mats were used to pull water that was standing in between wooden planks in the floor. Wall cavity drying was used behind kitchen cabinets and tile back splash, successfully absorbing water so that demolition was not needed.

Scarsdale Mitigation

Location: Scarsdale, NY

Description: Hot water heater leaked.  We cut out damaged flooring and sheetrock and dried. 

Holmes Mitigation

Location: Holmes, NY

Description: Air conditioner leak. Cut out & dried affected areas in the kitchen and bedroom below. Dried out, & replaced air conditioners.

Bedford Mitigation

Location: Bedford, NY

Description: Small amount of tear out, but mostly needed drying equipment

Bronxville Mitigation

Location: Bronxville, NY

Highland Ice Damming

Location: Highland, NY

Description: Ice damming on rental condo. Removed drywall and insulation on exterior wall of family room/dining area and some laminate flooring. Ran drying machines for 72 hours.

Peekskill, NY Fire Loss

A large structure fire in Peekskill, NY. Peak Construction rebuilt burned roof rafters, framing, new deck, new roof, new siding, new drywall, paint interior, new flooring & new kitchen. 

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