Roofing / Residential Portfolio
Beacon roof

Location: Beacon, NY

Rhinebeck Roof

Location: Rhinebeck, NY

Stanfordville roof

Location: Stanfordville, NY

Pleasant Valley roof

Location: Pleasant Valley, NY

Bedford roof

Location: Bedford, NY

New Paltz Roof

Location: New Paltz, NY

Hyde Park Roof

Location: Hyde Park, NY

Rye Roof

Location: Rye, NY

Description: Removed 3 layers of roofing (2 asphalt & 1 cedar) down to rafters, installed new sheathing, fascia, and shingles and painted the house.

Scarsdale Roof

Location: Scarsdale, NY

Bedford Roof-2

Location: Bedford, NY

South Salem Roof

Location: South Salem, NY

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