Garage Builders in Poughkeepsie New York

A garage is one home addition that increases the value of your Poughkeepsie property while providing a protective shelter for you vehicles. However, this can only be true when your garage is built using the best materials and with excellent workmanship.

With a professional garage builder like Peak Construction, you will have at your disposal the best construction crew and the most innovative equipment so you can have a garage that is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

Peak Construction can build you any garage that you need.

Attached Garages – An attached garage is popular because of the convenience that it offers to property owners. With this type of garage, you won’t have to leave your house and endure the scorching heat of the sun or the blistering cold in winter in order to access your vehicle or to grab your tools or stuff. In addition, attached garages can be built using the existing or exterior walls of your house, which can help slash several hundreds or thousands of dollars from your construction bills.

Detached Garages – If you don’t like the idea of a garage door forming part of your house’s façade, then a detached garage is what you want. Detached garages comes with several benefits, the most important of all would be for health reasons.

It is common for homeowners to use their garages for storage, often keeping dangerous chemicals like household cleaners, fertilizers and pesticides that emit hazardous vapor when not stored properly. Furthermore, the smoke coming from the car contains harmful carbon emissions which are poisonous. By having a detached garage build, you can safeguard your family’s health by keeping them away from these health hazards.

Peak Construction: Your Garage Builder of Choice
Peak Construction has extensive experience when it comes to building garages. Throughout our existence we’ve built garages of various types and designs – all of which are still standing and functional to this date. Whether you need a garage for sheltering your car, for storing excess household items, or even an alternative studio for your kid’s rock band, call us up and we’ll build one for you.