Protecting Your Home Investment Even When Misfortune Strikes

Protecting Your Home Investment Even When Misfortune Strikes

When flames erupt in your home, the safety of you and your family are always the highest priority. Not until the blaze has been quelled does your attention turn to the fallout and ramifications of this unfortunate event. Being prepared for this kind of catastrophe is important, however. Not only do you have to worry about damage from the fire, but you also have to consider the effects of all the water being used to extinguish it.

Homeowner Guy Caffrey was struck with bad luck when his home caught fire over the holidays. Luckily, Guy, his wife, and their three children were all able to make it out of the house safely. Unfortunately, the home was a total loss and needed to be completely restored.

These kinds of terrible occurrences reinforce the need for an up-to-date network of smoke detectors in the home. It’s important to install a smoke detector in every bedroom, outside of every bedroom and on each level of the house. It’s also necessary to ensure that all of alarms sound when one is triggered by interconnecting them throughout the home. You should check the alarms monthly by pushing the test button on every smoke detector.

To help bolster its ability to mitigate damage, Peak Construction has been pushing employees to become IICRC certified as Water Damage Restoration Technicians (WRT). This designation allows them to deal with insurance companies and work out the costs of a particular job. WRT certification involves learning about drying techniques, how to inspect structures and determine moisture content and how to limit liability such as mold and bacteria.

In addition, Jason Giannoni is now heading the mitigation team responsible for these home restoration ventures. In addition to WRT, he also achieved his Advanced Structural Drying (ASD) certification, which gives him the inside track on the most cutting edge tools and methods for saving a home.

Peak Construction, with its dedication to damage mitigation efforts, worked with the insurance company to develop the best estimate for the Caffrey family. The entire home needed to be ripped down and built back up, but the team’s ability has actually put the project ahead of schedule. Guy noted that the response time of Peak immediately following the fire was “great” and they’ve paid attention to every little detail throughout the project. This, combined with the “level of professionalism” Peak has exhibited, he said, has impressed him immensely.