Decontamination And Disinfection

Viruses, the flu, and the common cold are on everyone’s minds right now. The current environment of worry over infectious diseases has put an emphasis on everyday tasks like washing your hands. There is a lot of uncertainty when it comes to the health and safety of the workplace if an employee, client, or business partner comes down sick. It can make other employees and customers not want to come back and potentially damage your company’s reputation.

That is where the use of disinfection and decontamination services can come into play. Utilizing this service means that your workplace will have the viruses and pathogen bacteria eliminated through deep cleaning. You’ll be protecting the health and safety of all that comes into your office. At Peak Construction, we’re available to you when a health emergency strikes, as well as a preventative measure that helps to keep pathogens away. Sickness contamination spread can occur at any business, and we’ll help you to put a plan in motion that will help to keep your business protected.

Emergency Disinfection and Decontamination Service

Did you know that common bacteria can double in about 15 minutes or that scientists have found coronavirus on surfaces in cruise ship rooms that were empty for 17 days? Quick action is critical when a contamination event has occurred at your workplace, which is why Peak Construction is available 24/7.

Customized Plan of Action For Decontamination Services

We understand that your company is different from others. Every industry’s needs will be unique compared to others when it comes to the necessary disinfection and decontamination service needed. A restaurant will be different from a school. A veterinary office will have different requirements compared to a gym. Hospitals and medical settings will require strict industry standards of cleanliness. At Peak Construction, we understand these differences and have created customized plans to account for the different industries we serve.

Each plan, no matter the industry, covers sterilization, disinfection, and emergency issue plans.

Residential: Your home is where you go to escape and be safe. It can be uncomfortable thinking that you may have brought in a sickness. Our service can assist you in getting your home clean by removing any harmful pathogens and stopping them from returning.

Healthcare: The healthcare industry has imposing standards meant to provide the utmost protection. Our service can assist in decontaminating your facility along with preventing pathogens from reproducing to cause problems in the future.

Education: Children are one of the most precious commodities that exist, and we want to help protect them through our services. Their health and safety is an utmost concern, so it’s vital for their facilities to not only look clean but be sanitized completely to help prevent the spread of illnesses.

Food Service: One whiff of a food-borne pathogen or other illness is enough to potentially ruin your food service business. Our plan can help you in disinfecting your restaurant or food truck along with working to keep it pathogen-free, even in all of the out-of-sight places.

Athletic Facilities: Gyms and similar athletic facilities can be prone to contamination from the sweat and hard work of your clients. Our service helps to test your facility, determine your risk factors, and create a plan to help protect those that use your facility now and in the future.

Veterinary Offices: Everyone loves their four-legged family members. Keep your sweet and cuddly patients and their owners safe from infection in your office. We understand the different considerations that come into play with a vet’s office’s sterilization needs.

Giving You Peace of Mind

Peace of mind comes from knowing that your business or home is clean and void of any harmful pathogens. Peace of mind comes from understanding that there is a plan in place to help in case an infection rears up in the building. You’ll be able to work and live knowing that you’re protected. Our methods are proven and follow scientific evidence to disinfect and decontaminate your workplace or house.

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Our staff understands that it can be a scary feeling thinking that you, your workers, or others, maybe in harm’s way because of contamination. It can be stressful and make you feel full of uncertainty. Our customers are our top priority, and we want you to be able to tell that through the care of our service. That has prompted us to communicate with you every step of the way to prevent any surprises. We work to make this process as easy and worry-free as possible, no matter if it’s an emergency or following the prevention plan.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can start providing your home or place of business with disinfection and decontamination services.