Smoke and Fire Damage

A fire in your home is one of the scariest experiences anyone can experience. Having the fire department put out the flames is just the first step on the road to recovery. Hidden threats can linger beneath the floor, above the ceiling, and behind the walls. Never assume that a fire is limited to visual destruction. You need a trusted restorer to help locate, identify and remove all the damage to your home. Smoke, charred structural lumber, electrical damage and pockets of hidden water from the fire hoses all threaten to cause serious structural issues that must be addressed. All of these problems need to be safely removed, cleaned or sealed.

Our technicians at Peak Construction’s restoration services all come equipped with experienced backgrounds in carpentry and home building, which allows us to better diagnose and remedy all of the problems that a smoke and fire damage loss can cause in your home. We will identify all of the smoke and fire damage and get to work restoring your home immediately after the disaster occurs. We will work hard to ensure a twist of bad luck doesn’t mean the end of your home.