Insurance Restoration Contractors

Choosing a Contractor for Your Home Insurance Claim

Experiencing damage to your home or personal property can be a confusing and emotional process, but choosing a company to repair any home damage doesn’t have to be the difficult part. Peak’s contractors are experienced, reliable professionals that can repair your home just when you need it most – and Peak’s emergency services and disaster repair do just that.

The process of performing restoration work covered by an insurance claim is similar but in many ways much different than a typical remodeling project. Because the insurance company is paying the bill there is a need for a contractor with an understanding of the process so as not to jeopardize the property owner’s insurance coverage and to quickly and effectively communicate with insurance adjusters in the proper language to prevent constant delays.

We at Peak Construction are experienced in the insurance restoration contractor industry and have completed over $5 million dollars worth of restoration projects giving us a definite edge when approaching your claim. We maintain subscriptions to estimating software and have multiple estimators trained in writing estimates and reconciling them with adjusters.

We encourage you to examine the quality and authenticity of a Peak Construction renovation. Read about one of our restoration projects here where our team replaced the damaged framing and structure inside a home with fire damage.

Before and After Photos