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Five Factors to Check This Spring | Roof Damage | Peak Construction
Five Reasons You Should Inspect Your Roof This Spring

Now that the snow has receded, the weather has begun to warm, and the sun is shining here in the Hudson Valley, it’s tempting to get outside and enjoy the weather after the long winter. At Peak Construction, we support that sentiment wholeheartedly, with one simple request. While you’re outside this spring, take a few […]

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Cold Weather and Burst Pipes: A Hudson Valley Homeowner’s Nightmare

Did you know that a burst pipe in your home could cause $10,000 in damage? Nationwide and Allied Insurance calculated that average, and between 2009 and 2011 there were more than 30,000 claims by homeowners with more than $2.1 million in costs. New York was one of the top states for frozen pipe claims between […]

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Tools For Your Whole Home Health Checkup

Your Hudson Valley home provides you with a comfortable place to live and is a valuable asset, but not performing regular upkeep may reduce both of these things. The maintenance of a home can never seem to end, but doing a few proactive checkups with specific tools will help to minimize the amount of work […]

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FROZEN PIPE TIPS TO PREVENT WATER DAMAGE IN THE HUDSON VALLEY So what’s the big deal about frozen pipes? Well if you have never experienced it, this can cause extreme damage to your business or home.  Pipes that are unprotected, not insulated can result in bursting pipes. A crack in the pipe as small as […]

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