The Early Bird…Gets Their Project Done Earlier Than Usual

The Early Bird…Gets Their Project Done Earlier Than Usual

Bathroom Remodel

At this time of year, most people in the Northeast are planning their gardens and may have already started seedlings in their house. But if you were thinking about starting a new building or construction project this year – the time to get a jump start on that is now.

This year’s mild winter has benefited everyone in some way or other: some didn’t have to snow-blow their driveway very often and we all had lower heating costs. Another benefit of the mild winter is that the ground is unseasonably dry – not wet and muddy from the snow and frost melt that usually occurs. That means that construction is getting the proverbial “green light” from Mother Nature much earlier than usual. For those that have their designs and permits in place, this is great news. For those that are just starting to plan – it’s an incentive to get the process started now because the design and permit process can take longer than you think.

Factors that can impact the design process:

  • Site Issues – Possible variance needed from local zoning board, land use adjustments, etc.
  • Project Size – Kitchen remodel vs. 10, 000 square ft. house
  • Complexity – One story flat site vs. steeply sloped site
  • Decision-Making – Turn-around time for questions and answers
  • Client’s Availability- Client is accessible to schedule and meet for reviews

Timesaving Tip #1
Peak’s Design & Build Services – Peak can act as lead designer or work with their recommended designers. This resolves issues when an architect or designer isn’t working with an accurate budget. It speeds things up when everyone is at the same table.

General design time guide:

  • Small Residential Remodel – 1.5 to 3 months
  • Large Remodel – 3 to 4 months
    Interior remodel to multiple areas within the house such as kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel with minor changes to other rooms.
  • Full House Remodel – 4 to 8 months
  • Small House – 4 to 8 months
    1500 square feet to 2500 square feet
  • Medium Sized House – 4 to 10 months
    2500 to 3500 square feet
  • Large House – 6 to 12 months
    3500 to 5000 square feet
  • Very large House – 10 to 16 months
    7500 square feet plus

Timesaving Tip #2
Peak can answer your questions and give appropriate construction advice rather than using information found on the internet that may not be applicable in your area.

Are you in the right ballpark?

When you’re considering a new project, it’s always good to check if the figures in your head are realistic or not. Here are a few projects in the middle and upscale range:

Deck Addition

Middle Range

  Job   Average cost
  Bathroom addition   $42,832
  Bathroom remodel   $17,551
  Deck addition (composite)   $15,900
  Deck addition (wood)   $10,490

Upscale Range

  Job   Average cost
  Bathroom addition   $80,596
  Bathroom remodel   $55,029
  Deck addition (composite)   $38,872
  Deck addition (wood)   N/A

* According to the Remodeling 2011–12 Cost vs. Value Report (
© 2011 Hanley Wood, LLC.  Complete data from the Remodeling 2011–12 Cost vs. Value Report can be downloaded free at

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