This Winter Is a Great Time to Remodel Your Bathroom
Fishkill Remodeling Bathroom

If you are looking for a project to give your home some new life this winter, a bathroom remodel is a perfect way to bring a modern touch to your abode. Interior construction projects are a great way to improve your home when it’s cold outside, and you may even get a better deal than you would during the warmer months when contractors’ schedules are busier. If your bathroom could use some updating, consider these popular trends in bathroom remodeling.

  • Brass and gold are back and better than ever. Usually, when people think of gold or brass bathroom fixtures, they picture the gaudy excess of the 1980s, but today’s options are toned down a bit and create a classic, luxurious feel in a modern bathroom.
  • Wood accents. There is nothing quite like natural wood to give your bathroom a spa-like feel. Modern designs pair these features with stark white walls, greys, blues, and greens to complement industrial and vintage styles. Multiple wood tones paired with white tiles and fixtures are a popular minimalist approach to this look. This stunning style is sure to impress your family and friends.
  • Bigger is better. One popular trend that doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon is large soaking tubs and spacious, open showers. Not only do these larger accommodations provide more room for relaxation, but they also eliminate that claustrophobic feel that many bathrooms have. You may need to embark on a major remodel and move a wall or two to incorporate these features, but you definitely won’t ever look back.

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