Tips to a Pet Friendly Home

Tips to a Pet Friendly Home

Something that many people don’t think about when they’re preparing for a remodel is their pet. Your cat or dog is part of the family, so why not make some space for them. Here are a few tips to make your home a little more pet friendly!

doggie doorA popular touch to any home with a puppy in residence is a doggie door. This allows your pooch outside access at any time, even when you’re not home, which means no more worry about coming home to accidents on the carpet!

A common addition to many homes these days is a mudroom, an entryway to remove coats and shoes so as not to track mud through the rest of the house. This applies for dogs as well; the mudroom serves as a great place to wipe off your pup’s paws after a long walk. Use this room for storing dog treats, collars, and leashes so they are never lost. Speaking of clean pets, a laundry sink works as a great dog bath, especially with a handheld nozzle; it is easier to clean than a bathtub and keeps you from hurting your back hunching over a low tub. Or consider installing an outdoor shower for those dogs too big for a simple bath.

If you’re having new floors installed, carpet may not be the best choice for a pet friendly home as it is difficult to keep clean, although carpet tiles are removable and washable. Non-porous, easy to clean floors are ideal, such as concrete and tile. Hardwood and bamboo floors also work, but a pet’s nails might scratch up the soft wood. Cat lovers should try scratch resistant floors.
dog bowl
If Fluffy’s food bowl is always in the way or getting kicked over, why not create a built in eating area? You can go as far as having a small platform with inset bowls and a small faucet to refill the water bowl, or simply create a small nook under a kitchen cabinet so that the bowls are tucked away out of your walking range.

Furniture is definitely something to consider if you’re sharing your home with furry folks. If you love lounging on the couch with your pup, try using a washable fabric as a slipcover, or a canvas drop cloth. I know my dog loves to sit and look out the window; maybe create a spot in your house just for your pet(s) to relax, such as a window seat or top of the stairs lookout. Cats adore a high place to perch and climb; build a few high shelves, or a floating staircase to allow your cat the room they needs to feel comfortable. Don’t use these shelves for books or knick knacks.
PetChatz 3

These days they even have pet cams that allow you to talk to your pet while you’re at work. If you find yourself missing your furry friend when you’re out, or if you want to make sure they’re not getting into the garbage again, you can just turn on the pet cam, see your pets face, and be reminded that all is well!