Top Three Best Home Renovation Projects to Increase Your Resale Value
Increase Home Value

If you’re planning to stay in your home for the foreseeable future, the value of beginning a home remodeling project is clear. Improved comfort, better aesthetics, and increased enjoyment of your home are just a few benefits. However, if you’re planning on selling or refinancing at some point in the near future, there’s another aspect to consider – the value your project can add to your home.

Some of the most popular renovations in the Hudson Valley also have the most potential to add to your resale value. Here are some of the best remodeling projects in terms of their return on your investment (ROI):

  1. Garage door upgrades. Whether your garage door has cosmetic damages, no longer works properly, or simply does not match the architectural style of your home, replacing it provides one of the best ROI in the business. Why? An attractive, quality garage door not only improves the exterior appearance of your home (read: curb appeal), but it provides crucial access to your home when you need it and keeps out those who don’t. When you consider the fact that a quality garage door can reduce energy loss and lower your electric bills as well, it’s easy to see how you can recoup as much as 97% of your investment in home value.
  2. Exterior manufactured stone. If your siding has grown worn and outdated, consider replacing it with high quality, new siding (an upgrade with a great ROI in its own right) – and accenting with manufactured stone veneer. Install around your entryway or on another front-facing portion of your home for all the resale value of stone without the cost of full-scale stone. Even smaller stone accents like entryway pillars or beneath front windows can return up to 95% of your investment.
  3. Minor kitchen upgrades. By all means, if you plan to remain in your home for several years, invest in a full kitchen remodel that will leave you feeling satisfied with the most-used room in your home. If you plan to sell soon, however, you can still make some key kitchen improvements with a better return on your investment. Projects like new cabinet faces and hardware, upgraded countertops, premium sinks and fixtures, and beautiful, durable flooring can return as much as 80% of your investment.

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