When to Install Hardwood Floors

When to Install Hardwood Floors

It can be exciting to remodel your kitchen, representing moving forward and embracing change. You may have selected new hardwood flooring and can’t wait to have it installed. However, when you install, this matters much more than homeowners realize. Installing new flooring alone can also be a difficult process to do accurately, but our team at Peak Construction can help.

Hardwood Floors Go on Last

When remodeling your kitchen, you should wait until the very end of the project to install the hardwood floors. This is because you want to prevent a massive pile of debris and dust from accumulating while you remodel other aspects of the kitchen. For example, you don’t want new cabinets installed only for the dust and debris caused by the process to ruin the new floor. Before installing any hardwood flooring, ensure you’re satisfied with every other aspect of your new kitchen.

Wait 30 Days After Installation

Another reason you want to wait until later to install hardwood flooring is that you’ll need to wait 30 days before placing anything on top of the floor. This is because something like a tarp can affect the finish, which prevents your floor from looking new and shiny. Repairing a floor’s finish is more challenging than it appears, and it also costs extra money and time. Install the flooring at the end, then wait another month before placing a protective layer on the floor.

We Can Help Help with Remodeling Your Kitchen

Installing new kitchen flooring requires much physical and mental effort to get correct. When hardwood flooring is installed too soon or improperly, it can affect the overall feel of your kitchen. You most likely use your kitchen daily and should be proud of its design. If you need assistance with kitchen remodeling and updating your kitchen flooring, contact our Peak Construction team today.